Project Partners

Community Action Dacorum - Project Leader

+44 1442 253935

The community Action Dacorum was established in 1947 with the view to helping the local community. It has carried on with this ethos and have added number of other services to benefit the local community and the groups. As a Dacorum Council for Voluntary Service, we believe in bringing people together to achieve more in their communities and improve quality of life. To achieve that we have a number of projects working with adults, Herts interpreting and Translation service, shop Mobility, Community Transport, Creative Learning, Repair Shed and Radio Dacorum. What we do at a local level we take it to European level and are involved in adult learning through training.
What we do
- Support voluntary organisations and community groups at the early stages of their development
- Provide funding advice, representation and a payroll service to help them grow and flourish
- Deliver services and projects that support local individuals, businesses and community groups

Active Citizens Partnership

+30 2130 351914

Active Citizens Partnership is an NGO based in North Eastern Greece. We have extensive experience to design and support programs that address contemporary training and social needs at national and European level. With the assistance of the State and the European Union have developed measures to prevent and tackle social problems and assist vulnerable groups. In order to provide a high quality service develops and operates innovative activities relating to:
- Studies and research in the field of non-formal education and training
- Development and implementation of technology enhanced training
- Greek language program for refugees and immigrants
- Entrepreneurship counseling and mentoring with special focus on unemployed and women.
Active Citizens Partnership has offices in Athens and in Sapes at the region of East Macedonia and Thrace and implements programs throughout Greece.

Replay Network

+39 06 45493253

REPLAY Network is an association of trainers active at international level within almost all the EU programs dealing with non-formal education, learning mobility and active citizenship. Replay stands for Resources for European Projects and Learning Activities for Youth and its pool of trainers is specialized since long time in providing pre-departure, on arrival and mid–term trainings to EVS volunteers for the Italian National Agency. Replay Network designs, organises and delivers international trainings also for other NAs and realizes large scale international events for public bodies. Replay Network is currently responsible for designing SALTO Euromed’s Educational Tools Portal online based on Tools for Learning, with a specific focus on the M.E.T. (Multilingual Educational ToolBox). The mission of the association is to promote social cohesion, responsible participation, active citizenship, inclusion and equal opportunities, to support employability, active ageing, cooperation and multiculturalism, building bridges and conditions contributing to the achievement of the Europe 2020 objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Solidarity School Foundation

+34 958 439 390

The Solidarity School Foundation is a project aimed at recovering the family spirit of those whose circumstances have prevented them from experiencing it. It is based on the concept of a universal family. Here every belief, idea, religion or conviction is accepted and integrated. We use respect as the method for intervention and personal development.

With this in mind, the Foundation offers a home to those who have been uprooted, excluded, socially disadvantaged and those living with violence: mothers with children, young immigrants, adolescents at risk and adults.

The home is the starting point for personal recovery and within it we offer the training necessary for future integration into society. This idea is based on a spirit of non-biological parenting. The people dedicated to this vocation act as parents but receive no payment. The home nourishes its occupants and teaches an ever-evolving list of tasks.

The Foundation is broadminded, accepting anyone except addicts (alcohol, drugs, betting) who are sent to specialist homes. As time goes on, those who have lived with us the longest become role models for the newly arrived.

Jaunpils Municipality

+371 63107068

Jaunpils Municipality was established on 1 July in 2009 amalgamating former Jaunpils and Viesatas rural municipalities. Population 2678 inhabitants. Area: 209 km2. It is 80 km away from the capital city Riga.
The main responsibilities of the Municipality Council are education, health care, culture and sports, social assistance, the environment, garbage collection, heating, water supply and sewerage.
Jaunpils Municipality have a wide range of experience in delivering in their own right as well as supporting local NGOs to engage effectively in the local community. These include the active promotion of volunteering to address identified community needs and to ensure the up skilling of local young people. Understanding community needs and issues Jaunpils Municipality cooperating with the association Jaunpils Regional Development Centre ‘RATS’ provides accessible learning opportunities in community based settings. The centre provides formal and informal education as well as social interaction skill development opportunities. It works to improve the employment skills and prospects for citizens specially those of social exclusion. Supporting development of lifelong learning enhances social inclusion, active citizenship, personal and professional development for marginalized people such as young people, job seekers, older people, single mothers, people on a low income, etc. There is also a youth centre where young people come together and engage in a range of activities, including practical projects relating to improving the local environment.

Social Innovation Fund

+370 37 208331

Social Innovation Fund was started in 1994 and became recognized as an extremely effective Lithuanian non-governmental organization working in many different spheres such as democracy building, women’s human rights, gender equality and diversity, as well as social inclusion of socially disadvantaged groups (unemployed, disabled, immigrants, youth-drug users, women survivors of domestic violence, trafficking and prostitution, etc.).
Social Innovation Fund is concentrating in helping to solve youth problems via innovative methods elaborated by it during past decades. On the basis of the young people needs, the SIF promotes inclusion of the disadvantaged background young people via employability and entrepreneurship. Our vast experience of the work with adults is being transferred successfully to satisfy needs of youth.
Nowadays the Social Innovation Fund is seeking for implementation of social innovations through the creating Social clusters (including International social clusters). The idea of Social cluster means fostering cooperation between the political, governmental, scientific, private and non-governmental organizations in order to solve the specific problems in the fields of the public interests and societal gain, such as promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities, women’s empowerment, social welfare and well-being at workplaces, overcoming unemployment, social rehabilitation and social integration of the vulnerable groups, violation of women human rights, violence against women, trafficking, etc.

KNOW AND CAN Association

+ 359 2 943 40 55

KNOW AND CAN ASSOCIATION is NGO, founded in 2007 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It works on national and European projects in educational field. The main goals of the Association are: to elaborate and apply programs developing different skills and good practices, apply modern methods and technologies. The main activities are: elaboration and management of own projects; participation in national and international projects and programs; organizing and cooperation in implementing regional, local, national and international events of training and educational character; organizing workshops for exchange of ideas and good practices; management and processes and evaluation. The team includes specialists in non-formal trainings, vocational guidance, networking, pedagogy and psychology, mentoring and coaching.