From 20th to 24th of February we had the opportunity to attend a seminar in Hemel Hempstead

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March 2, 2017
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From 20th to 24th of February we had the opportunity to attend a seminar in Hemel Hempstead

From 20th to 24th of February we had the opportunity to attend a seminar organized by Community Action Dacorum as a leader of the Erasmus plus project Quality Active Ageing.

Staff and trainers from Active Citizens Partnership from Greece, Fundacion Escuela de Solidaridad from Spain, Janupils Municipality from Latvia, Know and Can Association from Bulgaria, Replay Network from Italy and Social Innovation Fund from Lithuania had the opportunity to come together to showcase their current provision on active ageing ,provide a forum of new ideas, identify and promote good practice and see first-hand what exactly is Community Action Dacorum providing for active ageing.

The organizers showed commitment to working pro-actively and creatively with the elderly and putting effectively into practice ways to engage and motivate older people in active learning.
The right of the elderly to live a life of dignity and independence and to participate in social, economic, cultural and civic life is embedded in the EU’s commitment to the active ageing and solidarity between generations’ agenda, as is the need for a society for all ages.

Active ageing and solidarity between generations requires the strengthening of social cohesion, inclusion and participation across a person’s lifetime by ensuring opportunities and access to services and to political, social, recreational and cultural activities.
We had the opportunity during the five days seminar to get a clear idea of provisions and good practices on active ageing, it was important to understand that volunteering helps to maintain social networks and reduce isolation of the elderly, gaining new competences contributes to personal fulfilment and wellbeing, promoting participation in the labor market, through actions for the involvement of younger and older people in training and life-long learning activities, facilitates the intergenerational transmission of knowledge, and by promoting healthy living has as a result a longer and independent living.

Working together for the next two years all partners members of the project and , as well social partners, civil society, and all relevant stakeholders, will put an effort to provide better opportunities for older people to remain active and to participate in society together with the younger generations.

Active ageing and solidarity between generations are key to the creation of a Europe for all ages – a competitive, prosperous and cooperative Europe of innovation, creativity, social inclusion and cohesion.

Getting ready for the second seminar on May in Spain where we will continue exploring good practices of engaging older people on active learning.


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